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Opening for Multimedia Lead

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Opening for Multimedia Lead

If you are that friend everyone reaches out for every one of their video, photo, and movie editing. We would love to be your friend too.

If you see yourself happy being a part of a community, bridging the gap between law and the masses. Visit our page fill the form and get creative, and we will follow up.


·Ability to deliver creative content in the form of text, image, and video.

·Implement and manage the social media strategy.

·Familiarity with web design, video editing, and publishing.

·Lead the media production related to classes, campaigns, advertisements, and Social media.

·Create production pipeline for smooth, efficient, and effective working

·Responsible decision-making related to media production, such as production planning, production scheduling, production, post-production, and publishing.

·Delegate work to the team members and freelancers considering the quality of output required.

·Track and record the work progress of the team and freelancers.

·Develop engaging multimedia content.

·Responsible for timely submission of the media content.


·A creative mind with exceptional leadership skills.

·Good understanding of the technical aspects of media production.

·Good presentation skills and knowledge of story structures, common editing practices in films and TV shows, and basic understanding of sound design.

·An eye for detail and analysis skills.

·Should be up-to-date on tech news and must be proactive about upskilling.

·Provide timely and necessary training for the team.

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